Moving across the world with fibro

Hey 👋 so i have not wrote a blog in a long time life just got in the way and I got unmotivated. Now i am back to writing my blog and I have moved to Calfornia. Let’s say cali is a lot different from south east london. I moved here because my boyfriend got a job here ( lucky me). So currently im living in another country thinking what can i do? So I have decided to jump back into instagram, blogging and maybe i will start up a youtube channel.                                                                                                  So how is it living in California. With regards to my fibromyalgia the warm weather helps I have had less flare ups and the flare ups do not last as long. The sun is a big plus, sitting in the sun and getting that vitamin D is making me feel a lot more energeric. I am also more motivated with the fitness life style here there is a gym and pool where i live, which makes it so much easier to get motivated to exercise. Overall its a dream place to live, but there is so much i miss about home. Home is home where your family and friends all are, I miss just being able to see my family and friends when ever I want. The time difference is hard everyone back home will be in bed alsleep when im up. I miss the season changes, although they do cause me to flare up. My anxiety is still under control, but i am getting a lot more anxious, as I am in unfamiliar surroundings which was expected. I also miss nandos!!! and marks and spencers lol. But this is a new chapter in my life that most people would love to exsperience and I am very lucky to be in this position. So heres to new adventures and restarting blogging.